The Millennium sand filter

The Millennium sand filter range features a one-piece moulded body with no joints, constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic. The filter combines a modern, attractive design with stylized shape and outer beige section.

• Available in 2 / 3 / 5 and 7 Bag.
• Filter body manufactured of chemical and weather resistant, inalterable plastic. Designed for outdoor use.
• Standard equipment with next-generation 1 1/2″, 6+1 multiport valve from AstralPool with bayonet closure for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste and close.
• Transparent lid for easier visual inspection and access to the inside of the filter in side-mount valves.
• Top Diffuser to ensure good water distribution above the filter bed.
• Inner 1 1/2″ connectors for continuous operation.
• Manual bleeder valve for purging air inside the filter, if necessary.
• Built-in manual bleeder valve for water in the filter body, for easy drainage of the filter without losing sand.
• Built-in collector at the bottom ensures balanced flow and filter backwash.
• Pressure gauge to control filter backwash.

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