a 0006 2 Sea Salt Chlorinators Self Cleaning

Sea Salt Chlorinator Self Cleaning

CS Mini Self Clean (Pools up to 40 000L)
CS3 Self Clean (Pools up to 90 000L)
CS5 Self Clean (Pools up to 135 000L)

Sea Salt has a range of intelligent saltwater chlorinators – perfect for new or existing filtration systems.
Quite simply, your pool’s saltwater is converted into chlorine molecules through a process of electrolytic-chlorination when it comes into contact with the Sea Salt patented electrode cell. The chlorine molecules sanitise the pool water and convert back to salt. This process is repeated and requires only a small amount of salt to be added periodically.
The difference between the Standard and Self-Cleaning models, is that the Standard models, require periodic manual cleaning, while the Self-Cleaning models reverse polarity and clean themselves.
12 Month Warranty

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