Below are a few answers to some questions you may have. 

How often should I back-wash my sand filter ?

Your filter should be back-washed every two weeks.

Do you offer a monthly swimming pool maintenance service?

No we unfortunately don't.

How many hours per day should my pool pump run?

Small pools 4 hours
Medium pools 6-8 hours
Large pools 12 hours plus

Small pools 2-4 hours
Medium pools 4-6 hours
Large pools 8-10 hours plus

Can you assist with swimming pool water analysis?

Yes we can, we need your swimming pool water sample in a clean container or water bottle, 250ml is ample. (No carbonated cold drink, milk, or juice containers)

We need to know the following from you in order to accurately analyse:
1) Your swimming pool length and width.
2) If you own a Salt Water Chlorinator we need to know the brand / make.

How often should I change the sand or glass in my filter?

Filter sand should be changed every 2 years, filter glass every 4 years.

How much water evaporation will a heat / water retention pool cover prevent?


Are there even more options, to prevent water evaporation?

Yes there is, we also sell Water Guard Liquid Pool Blanket, this product has been tested and is safe for humans and animals. The Water Guard Pool Blanket will prevent 50% water evaporation, WHILE YOU SWIM with the pool cover off.

My pool looks amazing, why do I need to add Alkalinity?

The lower the pool water pH is, the clearer the water becomes, a low pH is extremely corrosive to not only your pool equipment, it also irritates and affects your skin, ears, eyes and can even in severely low cases eat away at the enamel on your teeth. The ideal and most comfortable water pH to swim in is a pH of 7.2. 

How many solar panels do I need to install, in order to increase my swimming pool water temperature, by between 6 - 7 degrees C in Summer?

1 Solar Panel, covers 4m2 of the pool surface area, the calculation needs to be done for each swimming pool size.

I smell chlorine in my swimming pool water, why do I need to add more?

The smell of chlorine, in swimming pool water is in fact not chlorine, it's called chloramines, this is formed when there is insufficient chlorine to oxidize contaminants in the water. The chlorine and the contaminants combine resulting in a heavy chlorine odor, whereby if there was sufficient chlorine, it would remove the contaminants from the water and there would be no chlorine odor.

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